He Reads!

I’m just going to leave this right here, because it’s too cute NOT to.

OUR BABY IS READING!  He is reading to his big brother!

Of course, the boy looks about as thrilled as he’d be, if he was sitting in the dentist’s office, waiting for a root canal to start.  And Thing 2 was rushed, because the boy had a GIANT, hardcover Lego book for them to look at when the kindergarten “homework” was done.  Thing 2 was plowing through his reading, so he could finish the READING TO HIS BROTHER part of the evening and move straight to the LEGO-LOOKING WITH HIS BROTHER.  Of course, maybe he was rushing through it so quickly because the book’s plot was absolutely riveting and engrossing.

And now they’re both sprawled out on the floor, looking at three million different things that can be created with… say… a forty-gallon Rubbermaid tub full of various Lego bricks.

If a family JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE such a tub.

Which I guarantee you… we do.  It guarantees that we will NEVER have a shortage of bricks to step on with a bare foot around here.

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