Ready… Set… STOMACH FLU!


It is upon us.

How long have we been in the Fall season?  And the temperatures haven’t even really dropped, because LO!  Today was gorgeous, and we played outside in shorts and our shirt sleeves and marveled over the fact that THIS!  THIS will be the weather that heaven has, with all it’s crispness and juicy apples and warm days, where the sun beats upon you, in a totally non-threatening way that makes you want to sit in an ice bath.  This is more of a kiss from the sun, with a warm hug.  Thing 2 and I played at the park this afternoon, after I picked him up from kindergarten, with some friends, and the boys ran and ran, while the moms sat on the park bench and sighed over and over, “Isn’t this just THE VERY BEST weather?”  There’s nary a hint of any winter yet, and there’s nothing left over from our scorching summer, and things were going so VERY well.

Until… you know… 4:30 this afternoon, when Hubs came running in our front door like Usain Bolt, pursuing another Olympic gold medal for sprinting, because SWEET MAMA!  MOVE OUT OF THE WAY!

Hubs was on a mission, and that mission was to get himself to our bathroom, where he IMMEDIATELY, without any haste whatsoever, BARFED UP INTERNAL ORGANS AND EVERYTHING HE’S EATEN FOR THE PAST SIX DAYS.


He moaned, “I’m freezing!  I’m shaking!  I’ve been sick since noon, but I’ve been too busy at work today to come home, but now I’m dying.”  Which is how he found himself tucked into bed by 5:00 this evening.

So… yes!  Come, Thou Wintertime Illnesses!  Let us start you all very early in the season.

If you don’t mind, I’ll be heading off to spray things with Clorox now, and wrap a dishtowel around my face… exactly like a surgical mask… as I prepare to go in and check on Hubs again…

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