Digging In The Backyard

Yes, there are folks who have fancy backyards.

And by fancy, I mean they have things like actual grass, that is probably watered with actual sprinklers in the summer, and where digging a hole with a shovel might be frowned on, because… well... YOU DON’T BURY TREASURE CHESTS IN MAMA’S YARD, BECAUSE YOU’LL RUIN ALL THIS LOVELY LANDSCAPING!

And then there are people like us.

Our front yard is landscaped, because WHAT WILL THE FOLKS WHO DRIVE THROUGH THE CUL DE SAC THINK?!  We put on a good show out front, y’all.  We have the immaculate lawn with the rock wall and the bushes and the decorative rock.

Our backyard, though, is an entirely different story, that starts with ONCE UPON A TIME, THERE WAS A PLACE OF DIRT AND SEVERAL WEEDS.  But… lo!  It has a happy ending that goes, AND THE LITTLE BOY DUG IN THE DIRT, TO HIS HEART’S CONTENT, AND HE LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

And everyone likes a story with a happy ending.  And… if that story also ends with a giant hole, dug by heavy Tonka machinery, that goes clear through the earth’s crust, and comes out in China, then I believe the story ends even happier.

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