Honors Society

It’s not very often, it seems, that Hubs and I get that big kid of ours all to ourselves, but we managed to pull it off this morning, when the boy was inducted into the National Honors Society.

At 7:30 in the morning.

Which necessitated a 7:00 departure time from the house, so that I could drop Thing 2 off with a darling friend of mine, who was ready to load him into her mini van and drive him straight to his classroom’s front doors, when she took her own kids to school.

Thankfully, the morning ran perfectly smooth, and I didn’t have to bark at the boy to, “GET OUT OF THE SHOWER NOW!  FOR THE LOVE!!  WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT ALREADY, AND YOU’RE STILL SHOWERING!!” until 7:01 AM.

I don’t understand boys and their NON-need to roll out of bed any earlier than six minutes before they must leave to go somewhere.  What is that even LIKE?  What does it feel like to wash your hair, comb it back, throw a T-shirt and jeans on, brush your teeth and just… WALK OUT of the house?  What about all the blow-drying and the curling and the ironing and the mascara and the flossing and the lip gloss and the perfume squirting and finding just the right necklace to match the outfit?  What about going back to the bathroom… SOMETIMES TWICE… just to see if you unplugged the curling iron?  WHAT ABOUT THAT STUFF?!

Hubs and I high-tailed it out our front door at 7:02 this morning, dropped Thing 2 off, and then raced across town to the high school…

… to find out that the boy had beaten us there by at least three full minutes.  This was the same boy who was still in the shower at 7:01.

Bless those male teenagers and their ability to press POWER PLAY on their morning routine when they suddenly find themselves in a hurry.

Hubs and I sat in the auditorium, beside one another, without any need to say things like, “Would you get up off the floor?” or “Sit up in your seat!” or “Quit kicking the seat in front of you!  That man in that chair is going to turn around and roar, and then I’m going to laugh, because you’ll have earned it!”  No, ma’am.  Hubs and I got to sit through an entire program, like the real adults we have become.

Of course we had a little bit of pride when the boy walked across the stage to receive his candle.  It also goes without saying that I took another series of STELLAR snapshots, under questionable auditorium lights.  Honestly?  I think I have a genuine LEARNING DISABILITY when it comes to my camera, because WHY??!!  Why can I not figure out aperture settings and speed settings?  I feel like it’s too much like sophomore geometry, and it makes my brain bleed.


By 8:00 this morning, Mr. Smarty Pants was all inducted into Small Town High School’s Honor Society.

His dad and I are pretty pleased with that boy.  He’s a good egg.  He’s a SMART egg… and a good one, too.  Our plan is to keep him.

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