Sledding In The Springtime

We have had such a temperature deficit lately, I’ve started finding bills and letters for people who actually live at the North Pole in OUR mailbox.  Clearly, the mailmen have been confused, what with Small Town, USA recording lows that made the polar ice cap look like a spring break destination.  Our top eyelashes would freeze to our bottom eyelashes whenever we would blink outside.  We had days of nonstop, indoor recesses at school.  We doubled and then tripled our natural gas bills, and then quit even caring how the multiplication worked any more, as what we owed rose with drastic exponents, while we kept the fireplace running, running, RUNNING.  We made pots of soup and crockpots of chili.  We shoveled and froze, froze and shoveled, and then…

… we hit twenty-nine degrees yesterday, and they were on the POSITIVE SIDE of zero.

We all poked out heads outside and thought, “Has spring finally come?”  The sun was shining, and our nose hairs remained, blessedly, loose, without their usual ice coating.  Suddenly, we were in a land where Elsa no longer lived…

… so…

… we got ourselves outside in a big hurry, to take advantage of the gorgeous weather.  We talked about grilling steaks and making potato salad for dinner.  We wanted iced drinks with little umbrellas in them.  The kids wanted to take their coats off, because WE ARE SWEATING!


We packed up Thing 2’s sled yesterday, and off we went, out into the sunshine and those fantastic twenty-nine degrees.  We met some good friends at a big hill, because big hills make children exhausted happy.  We let them ride their sleds at BREAK YOUR NECK IN HALF speeds all afternoon, and then we secretly clapped, as we watched them hike back up the hill, because OH, MY!  YOU’RE GONNA SLEEP WELL TONIGHT, YOU LITTLE RASCALS!  We threw snowballs at those kids, while the grownups stood at the top of the hill, talking about potential outdoor barbecues in this weather and enjoying being OUT OF THE HOUSE, FINALLY!

The little kids had a ball!

The screamed down that hill, like Chevy Chase did, after he oiled up his metal saucer.  They showed us how brave they were, as they deliberately hit the jumps some teenagers had built up earlier this week.  They sailed through the air on their sleds, arms flailing to hold on, before they’d display a crash landing to the crowd, who were all holding their breaths in anticipation of broken femurs and collarbones and met-deductibles.

(And yes.  My boy had BLUE BANGS yesterday.  They looked pretty awesome before all the sledding happened, as they stood up in a lovely faux hawk display of brilliant, cobalt blue, exactly like what he’d begged for.)


Well, I don’t think that there’s any sound that exists that is cuter than a toddler’s belly laugh!

After the kids had made three million runs down the hill… after the sun had started to sink, so that we began to fill the crisp bite of a fading temperature, that was falling below twenty degrees… we decided to end the day with a little group snapshot and load up the sleds, to head for home.

That was the exact moment that MY SON decided to throw a snowball into his buddy’s face.

God loves kindergarten boys so much!

And I love THIS pack of boys so much!

Our group photo didn’t turn out to be one that showed perfectly-behaved, perfectly-groomed children, with rosy cheeks after a day of hard sledding, but it DID turn out to show REAL LIFE with boys.

I know that mothers of JUST GIRLS never have any problem getting lovely group photos, when their daughters get together with THEIR friends.  The mom brings out the camera, everyone fluffs their hair, strikes a delightful pose, pushes their chins out, remembers that the shoulders go back, and they flash enormous grins for the camera.

With boys, sometimes you get one bawling, as the snow-throwing culprit looks like he’s offering his promises to confess his sins to Jesus later.  Sixty seconds after that, you get grins from one, a belly laugh from another, and a third that looks like he’s going to fall asleep.

And THAT, people, was EXACTLY what we were after.  A look that says, “I’m ready to go to bed now, Mom.”  Operation Big Hill Sledding was carried out to perfection, as we took our VERY TIRED… LOOKING FORWARD TO BEDTIME… boys home.

Y’all have a good Sunday night.

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