Alexa And Dinner

I seriously asked her this.

She told me, “I’m sorry.  I don’t know that one.”  Neither do I, Alexa; neither do I.

Although, I just need to go on the record and state before the judge and jury that last night I made broccoli taco bowls for dinner, because Pinterest suggested that recipe to me, and I was all, “Hmm.  That sounds like something that could bring a revolt and succession from our family.  Challenge accepted.”

I had the hamburger meat going, with all the appropriate taco spices in it, and it smelled divine.  Hubs and the boy walked through the kitchen and said, “Why do you have twelve pounds of broccoli steaming, when that is VERY CLEARLY taco fixings?”

I just nodded and said, “Yes.”  Sometimes it’s just best to pretend you don’t know what they’re asking, in order to postpone the Spanish Inquisition.

Hubs looked at me and asked, “Are we somehow… COMBINING perfectly good taco meat with useless broccoli?”

I said, “Lovely weather we’re having.”  Except it wasn’t, because RAIN.  RAIN AND SNOW.  SNOW AND RAIN.  SNOW.

And then it was time to dish up our dinner, and there was no way I could avoid the announcement any longer, so I simply said, “Y’all need to fill a bowl halfway with broccoli and then dump all this meat on the top of it.  Add cheese and sour cream, if you so desire; I do not care.”  (THAT was said in my best Ron Swanson voice.)  (And I really DO care if Thing 2 adds cheese and sour cream, because he’s allergic to dairy.)

The menfolk were tentative.  They wanted to know what fresh hell I had designed for their dinner, because WHERE ARE THE FLOUR TORTILLAS, WOMAN?!  THIS IS NOT HOW THEY DO THINGS IN MEXICO!  We all sat down at the table with our bowls full of broccoli and taco meat and black beans and cheese to pray.  Thing 2 said, “I’ve never had broccoli in my taco before, and I already know I won’t like it.”

The menfolk all raised their glasses and said, “Here, here.”

And then we ate.

And it was divine.

And all three of the members of the male tribe at my house ENJOYED.  THEIR.  MEAL.

In fact, the boy even said, “I thought that was going to be really gross, but it turned out to be kind of tasty… you know... if you’re into broccoli and taco fixings.”

Thing 2 said, “You can’t actually taste broccoli with taco meat, so that was the best part about dinner.”

Hubs said, “That’s a repeat dinner.  I liked it.”

And there I sat last night… right there at the dinner table… knowing I had conquered MOUNT MAKE THEM EAT VEGETABLES and won.  If you put it all under a pile of hamburger and beans that tastes like Taco Monday, they will eat it.

Also… On an entirely different note, I feel like you should see this picture:

That is a LIVE shot.  As in… it is currently happening, as I type this.

Thing 2 is rollerblading in the house.  He has a balloon creature, that our favorite eye doctor made for him yesterday, around his neck, pretending that it’s a light-up necklace, because nothing says MORE FUN than a disco with flashing jewelry.  In his hands, he is holding the top to our French press coffee maker and a lid from my pots and pans drawer.

He is banging them together.

They are both made of metal.

The sound is wonderful.  A bit like relaxing ocean waves.  Or a calming campfire.

And… although Alexa wouldn’t feed my kids tonight… she DID agree to play the song Shut Up and Dance With Me for Thing 2… and she agreed to jack it to VOLUME TEN.  (He tried to get her to use Volume One Hundred, but she informed him that her cutoff point was a whopping ten.  I’ve never loved Alexa more.)

I just thought y’all should know how life is panning out at the Jedi Manor, this very second.  Pray for us as the Spirit leads.

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