Chatting With Thing 2

On Friday, Thing 2 walked out of school with his backpack and lunchbox, took one look at me and announced, “You are correct, if you think I want my hair cut right now.”  Most of the other kids were running to their mothers, hollering, “Hi, Mom!” and “I missed you!”  But not us.  We were making bold statements about haircuts, in lieu of mushy greetings.  Apparently, Thing 2’s curls were past the point that he finds acceptable, because CURLS EQUAL GIRL HAIR in his mind.

So… we drove straight to the haircut shop, and we tried a hard part this time.

The rest of our weekend was a blur of WE ARE HAVING GLORIOUS SPRING WEATHER, SO LET’S BE OUTSIDE and LOOK AT MY FIRST SUNBURN OF THE SEASON, BECAUSE I SAT OUTSIDE AT A LITTLE TABLE AT STARBUCKS, HAVING COFFEE AND TALKING WITH A FRIEND FOR TWO ENTIRE HOURS!  There wasn’t any way that I was going to sit indoors on such a glorious day!  We also went to church this morning.  When we were walking out, Thing 2 and I had THIS conversation:

ME:  “Watch out for the turkey poop right there!  Don’t step in it!”  (Turkeys have no manners, and they’ll use an asphalt parking lot like it’s a luxurious bathroom.)

THING 2:  “What?”

ME:  “I said to watch out for the turkey poop, and don’t step in it!”

THING 2:  “What?!”

ME (in my most Godly, patient, loving, calm voice, while I pointed at an offensive pile):  “FOR THE LOVE!!!  WATCH OUT FOR THE POOP AND DON’T STEP IN IT!!!”

THING 2:  “Why?”


I believe this is why God gave us wine.

Later… after dinner… while Thing 2 and I were home alone… I was busy loading the dishwasher, and told him he could watch a show on TV.  He turned it on, and found PJ Masks, which he LIKES, but which he is worried MAY be a “baby show” for preschoolers.  He has given up all things Mickey Mouse and Peppa Pig, because they ARE “baby shows,” but he’s not convinced whether PJ Masks fits into that category quite yet or not.  In case it does… in case he WAS parked in front of a “baby show”… he hollered to me, “Can you come push the right buttons on the remote and get Netflix going?”

I told him that I couldn’t, because… well... WET HANDS FROM DISHES.

He said, “But Netflix doesn’t have any commercials, and I’m sick of all these commercials for girl toys!”

I told him, “When I was six, we didn’t have Netflix.  We had to watch ALL the commercials, and we LIKED them!”

Thing 2 hollered back, “Life was hard in the olden days, wasn’t it, Mom?  How did you even LIVE?”

And THAT, y’all, is why a nice glass of wine for dessert is sounding powerfully good at this moment.

Happy Sunday night.

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