Craft Class On The Sidelines

Winter finally gave way to REAL SPRING this last weekend.  We turned our faces to the sunshine, like the plants, and soaked it up, clear down to our souls.  And then the REAL SPRING gave way to the monsoon season today, as we woke up to black skies, rain and chills, and the desire to put soup in the crockpot and make hot tea.

But… before the rain arrived today… Thing 2 played some soccer at the tail end of last week.  His team pulled off a four to three win, by the hair on their chinny-chin-chins.

Thing 2 didn’t score a goal in this go-around either, but it wasn’t for a lack of trying.  He dribbled that ball all around the field… dribbled it like a boss… and he took several shots on the purple team’s goal, but listen:  Their team had a secret weapon, in the form of the cutest, tallest little first grade girl EVER.  She was adorable… she seemed incredibly sweet… and she could play soccer like an Olympian!  She shut our kids DOWN.  She blocked every shot Thing 2 tried to get past her, and then she was happy to run that ball back down the length of the soccer field and score another goal herself.  Our little shorty was helpless to keep up with her long legs.  Honestly, I just wanted to clap for her, because I expect to watch her on TV in another fourteen years, when the United States wins gold in women’s soccer.  And when that happens, I’ll be able to stand up in my living room (with the help of my walker with the tennis balls on the bottom), and say, “I watched her play my son’s team when they were six.”  We were stinking lucky to score one more point than this purple team did.  They played like beasts!

And this first snapshot?  Yeah… that’s Thing 2 on defense.  His mama captured the ball that went straight through his cleats… and straight into the net behind him.  At least his hair was on point and looking very trendy when he let a ball go through.

And who says the sidelines have to be boring, when it’s your turn to take a break and let your teammates see some action on the field themselves?  Thing 2 hosted a little craft class, right there on the sidelines at mid-field, called “You, Too, Can Make a Pine Cone Wreath Without a Hot Glue Gun or Fancy Ribbon.”  All the kids on the sidelines signed up to take this craft class, as they engrossed themselves in finding pine cones to contribute to the group project.  Their coach was just stinking proud of how well they all paid attention to their teammates who were OUT ON THE FIELD, laboring to keep up with that long-legged girl on the purple team.  (*insert that emoji that’s laughing and crying, right here*)


Y’all have a happy Monday… as happy as Mondays can be.

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