Hello… Again…

That’s exactly the truth.

I came into work here at the offices of Jedi Mama, Inc. tonight, and I went to stand beside the water cooler.  I didn’t even recognize half the staff members there, because I’ve been gone so long, and then folks reminded me that I’m the boss.

Apparently bosses set a bad example for their employees, when they take a week off work, with no explanation… especially when they failed to refill the rack of Keurig cups for everyone before they left.

My apologies.


My friend and I sat in enormous, leather massage chairs this afternoon, while we sipped Starbucks teas and got pedicures, so I really feel like I’m on top of my work game plan now, with a fresh topcoat of Last Dance on my toes.  Last Dance is red and filled with glitter, and I’m not going to lie…

It’s probably the exact color Megan had on HER toes, when she married Prince Harry this weekend.

Speaking of the wedding…

Hubs walked into the living room at 5:30 Saturday morning and said, “Why are you up so early?”  I simply pointed to the TV.  He squinted at it… wrinkled his nose a bit… and asked, “Is this someone’s wedding?”

Honestly, I don’t know how we’ve even managed to stay married for twenty-two years.  But, if I am to be totally truthful here, I DID ask Hubs last night, “What hockey teams are still in the playoffs?”  I feel like the stare he gave me was the exact equivalent of the one I gave HIM on Saturday morning.

Las Vegas and Winnipeg.  Tampa Bay and Washington.  Megan and Harry.

We’ve both been caught up to speed.

And we are completely out of half and half, which means we will have no coffee to start our Monday morning with tomorrow.  I don’t even know how we’re going to deal.

At any rate, the CEO at Jedi Mama is back in her twirly desk chair, making executive decisions, writing checks and asking WHEN the photocopier is going to be fixed.  It’s all business as usual again, so I’ll see y’all around here this week.

Happy Sunday night, everyone.  May your fridges hold the milk of the half and half cow.  Mondays are so much easier when you’ve got that.


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