The End Of May Is So Close, We Can Almost Touch It

I have crossed the finish line.

I’d like to tell you the finish line was for a triathlon, because LOOK AT ME BIKE AND SWIM AND RUN AND BE AN ATHLETE WITH ABS, but the honest truth is that I crossed the school year’s finish line, and I have walked into summer vacation.

As of 3:00 this afternoon.

And really?  I crossed that line limping and dragging… BECAUSE MAY!  May is when every teacher everywhere says, “Let’s just do this one more thing.”  In the past week, I’ve been to academic ceremonies, golf ceremonies, class picnics, writing ceremonies, band concerts, and kindergarten centers.  This past weekend, we had seven graduation parties on our calendar, plus the actual graduation ceremony and a Memorial Day barbecue.  On the flip side of that, we have no clean jeans, no clean underwear, no groceries in the refrigerator, and we haven’t made a bed at this house in over a week.

Plus… Thing 2 got up at 4:45 yesterday morning…

… and…

… we were completely out of coffee at our house.

It felt every bit as hard as Caroline Ingalls must’ve had it on the prairie, when I grabbed a mug from our kitchen counter… pre-5:00 yesterday morning… and pushed it under the Keurig… only to discover that WE… HAD… NO… COFFEE.  We had half-and-half a-plenty.  We had an abundance of half-and-half, but lo!  There was nary a drop of coffee to put the half-and-half into, and what I wanted to do at that exact moment was bawl my head off, as I dialed my mom’s phone number to mumble, with snot dripping from my nose, “The baby is awake and we have no coffee, Mommy!”

You can bet that a trip was made to the local drive-thru coffee shack, before all the gym classes got underway.  As my little first graders… my very first class of the morning… came scrambling into the gym, I whispered to them, “Please don’t talk to me until I’ve managed to drink half of this cup.  If you do, we’re going to run the mile today, instead of playing END OF THE YEAR DODGEBALL.”


(*big sigh of relief*)

I am planning to wash all of the laundry tomorrow, as I sit here and debate whether to attempt it at home, in a marathon experience, or whether it would be easier just to cart it all to the laundromat and be done in one swoop.  And then I’m getting groceries, because we are at that point in our lives when I open the refrigerator and wonder what I can make for dinner with a bottle of A-1 steak sauce and a carton of expired banana cream yogurt.

Y’all have a good Wednesday evening.  I’m just going to sit over here at my house and grin, because I’m on summer vacation already, but my boys still have two more days left of school!


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