A June Afternoon At The Lake

Hubs and I both slept in until 7:30 this morning.  I can’t be one hundred percent positive, but I THINK the last time I slept that late was when I was a high school freshman.  Apparently, Thing 2 felt the need to catch up on some rest, which… JUST FINALLY!  I put him into bed at 8:00 last night, and we didn’t hear a peep out of him until 7:30 this morning, which was when I looked at Hubs and yelled out the time.

“It’s 7:30!!”

It was exactly like I do, every time we drive by a pasture of cows.  I have a terrible tendency to yell the obvious.  “Cows!”

By 8:15 this morning, Hubs had gone to work, I was cleaning a kitchen that didn’t get cleaned up after dinner last night, the boy was still sleeping, and Thing 2 had settled into our sofa, like a slug, with the iPad.  I’m one of THOSE moms, who genuinely can’t stand to see kids sit around, playing video games.  I tend to be incredibly stingy with iPad time, when it comes to my six-year-old.  GET OUT AND DO SOMETHING!  For the most part, Thing 2 is happy to do just that, because playing outside is his love language.  But, on the off chance that he can steal some time with the iPad, he is all in and glued to the screen.

At noon today, I finally kicked him off.

That’s right.

Go ahead and judge.

My little man played the iPad from 8:15 to noon.  Math was never my strong subject, but, as best as I can calculate, that would be fifteen minutes shy of a four-hour stint.  Thing 2 doesn’t accumulate four hours on the iPad IN AN ENTIRE MONTH, y’all!  It’s just not a go-to option at our house.

With the house cleaned up and laundry spinning in the washing machine and dinner simmering in the crockpot and the boy at work and Thing 2’s eyes glazed over with blue-light fatigue, I looked at my small kid and said, “Let’s go to the lake!”

He was game.

We did not go with a lot of preparation.  It was the most spontaneous trip of ever.  I put a pair of swim trunks on Thing 2, grabbed his life vest and a shovel, put the sunscreen and two bottles of Gatorade and a towel in the car, and off we went.  We had no snacks, no dry clothes, no lawn chair, no book for Mama to read, and no lake toys to speak of.  And… do y’all know what?  It didn’t matter one bit, because SHOVEL!

Next to the Legos, Thing 2’s real shovel is his favorite toy, and he dug PLENTY OF HOLES at the lake today.

The weather was stunningly gorgeous.

The kind of weather where you sit up a little straighter and say, “God, you really outdid Yourself today.  This breeze!  And this sunshine!  And the fact that it’s 77 degrees!  And the green grass!  And the blue water!”  It was all just lovely.

The only thing that wasn’t overly lovely was the temperature of the lake water, because it just hasn’t had time to warm up enough yet, after the ice melted off of it.  Thing 2 wasn’t into swimming today, but he was in the water the entire time, wading and splashing.  He caught minnows and ladybugs, and he even managed to paddle an inflatable raft he borrowed from a stranger kid he had met just twenty minutes earlier.

In other words, he had the best afternoon ever.

We played at the lake for three entire hours this afternoon, and then we beat the giant thunder and lightning storm home by thirty minutes, which was a total win.

Spaghetti was waiting for us in the crockpot, and THAT felt like a win, too!

Have a good weekend, y’all.

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