1st and 12th

And… here we go.

This morning, I sent them off to the first day of the 1st grade…

… and the first day of the 12th grade.

And right after I snapped these pictures this morning, I pretty much burst into tears, because of WELL, THAT’S OVER.  It was the LAST first day of school picture for the boy.  Pretty much, I’m going to need someone to rock me and pat my cheek and brush my hair this year, as I try to cope with how fast I know the next nine months are going to fly by, before graduation smacks us across the face.  I just want to frantically scramble around and attempt to put the sand BACK IN the hourglass this year.

But… I DO KNOW that these two boys are going to do big and bold and brave things this year, and I pray that it’s a fantastic year for both of them.

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