Your. You’re.

Not all days are Pinterest days.

Some days are just messy.  They’re full of unmade beds and headaches and hurt feelings and cat barf on the floor and wet bath towels draped and left over wooden bed frames to rot.  They’re full of finding out there’s not enough half and half for a cup of coffee.  They’re full of lunch spilled on a shirt and little boy pee all over a toilet seat and coming out of the grocery store to discover that the car parked next to you parked THISCLOSE, so you have to get in your passenger door and crawl over your gear shift, to get to the driver’s seat.  They’re days filled with screams and tantrums and hair that didn’t turn out right in the morning and miniature spiders that bite you in the arm, while you’re standing outside, waiting for your kid to come out of his school.  (That tiny spider is dead, by the way, and I’m sad to say that I don’t believe he went to be with Jesus.)

Days like this are messy days, topped off with bad attitudes.

I’ve had one of those today, but then… tonight… I was slumped in the living room chair, mindlessly looking at Instagram and grumbling, while I used up all my energy, feeling sorry for myself, when I found THIS little gem:

I won’t lie… I laughed out loud.  The grammar nerd inside of me couldn’t help it.  (Of course, the punctuation nerd inside of me wanted to add some capital letters and a couple of periods, but I won’t gripe about that right now.)

Anyway… now I can end the day with a smile.

Clearly, it’s the little things in life…

Y’all have a happy Labor Day Weekend.

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