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Y’all can find us through an email, if you need to.  I do like friendly emails that let me know when little boy outfits are on sale at Gymboree and Gap Kids, so feel free to forward that information whenever you come across it.

Hubs prefers emails detailing draft picks for the Colorado Avalanche, emails highlighting the best shots on goal in every Avalanche game, notes about how John Elway really was the best quarterback in the NFL of EVER, and any email that pertains to explosives, armored tanks, Jason Bourne, Coca Cola products, or remote-controlled helicopters.

Hubs and I do not share a love of the same emails.  I do not care if y’all have something of extreme interest on the subject of FIGHTER JET ARMED WITH NEW KIND OF MISSILE or LONG-RANGE REMOTE CONTROLLED HELICOPTER FLIES SOLO OVER THE PACIFIC.  But if you have LOOK WHAT I FOUND ON PINTEREST emails to send, I will anxiously await them!

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