All Of This, And He Cooks, Too

So, this small boy? He’s stinking cute, huh?!

I love this kid.

And when he says the magic words, “Mom, I’ll bake you some brownies tonight, all by myself,” I love him a teensy bit more.

The boy has a very close friend named Enzo. Enzo’s dad is a chef. The kind of chef who makes really fabulous dinners. The kind of chef who makes dinners that are just so fabulous, you sort of want to throw your ladylike manners out the window and actually lick the plate when you’re done eating, regardless of the fact that you’d be sitting in a posh restaurant. You get the picture.

And as our boy was whipping up Duncan Hines brownies tonight, from a box, all by himself, he said, “I’m going to be a good chef like Enzo’s dad.”

I am guessing that even Enzo’s dad had to start somewhere.

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