Wii Give Thanks

Thanksgiving has started early around here.

We had an enormous spread laid out on our kitchen island tonight, and my parents came over, as well as my sister and her husband and kids, and our friends, Andrew and Susan and their kids.

Everyone ate until they had to waddle around the house, because…ohmylands! The food! Everywhere there was food, and it was all absolutely scrumptious.

Except for the jellied cranberry goop, which isn’t fit to feed your hogs. I never did learn to like that stuff. So, except for THAT, dinner was fantastic.

The kids ran wild and shrieked with merriment until the crystal shattered. Every toy that the boy owns was hauled out and placed on the floor somewhere.

It was a perfect evening.

And we introduced Mam to the Wii.

People, we laughed so hard at the cow racing game that I had trouble sucking in air and speaking coherently. And then that dad-gum Mario ran me off of the race track later, causing me to have a head-on collision with a fence. This didn’t seem to matter much, because the boy had told Mam to “push this button right here,” which turned out to be the brake, so Mam couldn’t figure out why her car wasn’t going, and she spent the entire race with the grill of her car in the fence, unable to back out. It’s hard to drive when your thumb is on the brake and the button for the gas goes unpushed. And even with me having THAT bit of advantage over Mam, it was barely enough. I finished 11th out of 12, while Mam hit the 12th out of 12 slot.

Clearly, we drive slowly in the driveways on Sundays.

Happy Thanksgiving, people. May your day of thanks be filled with as much laughter as ours was tonight.

Of course, a Wii will help insure that.

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