Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s Off To Work We Go!

So Hubs works for a government entity. This sentence could make it sound as though his line of work is quite exotic, like spy work. I’m sure Hubs wouldn’t mind donning a vest that resembles what fishermen wear and loading it up with pens filled with invisible ink, and listening devices disguised as ball point pens, and three-pronged hooks on long strings that he can swing between skyscrapers with. He’s quirky like that, and I’m sure he’d get a kick out of spying on people for a living.

But the honest truth is that Hubs is not a spy. He’s a non-spy, who works for the county government, and this morning he got up at his usual time and scrambled around to get himself ready for work.

I have to use the word “scrambled” here, because Hubs is known for his ability to sleep in until the last possible second, squeezing every spare moment of extra sleep out of his night, and then he throws off the covers, jumps out of bed, and zips around the house at a speed of Mach 2, so that he can be out the door on time.

But then, if my morning routine only involved showering, dressing, brushing my hair and teeth, and donning shoes, I could be out the door in a relatively short period of time as well. Hubs doesn’t have to worry about grooming his eyebrows and applying mascara and checking the boy’s lunch menu at school to see if we need to be on high alert for Death By Cafeteria Food and pack a cold lunch.

But I digress.

As usual.

This morning, Hubs scrambled off to work, and then, miraculously, he showed up at MY place of employment a mere twenty minutes later, armed with a venti mocha and a bowl of oatmeal from Starbucks.

Oh, how we love the Starbucks!

I was quite surprised to see Hubs, and I said, “What are you doing here?”

And Hubs said, “Apparently, I don’t have to work today. Apparently, it’s Martin Luther King Day, and the office is closed. Apparently, I could have slept in a whole lot longer before I headed down to Starbucks this morning.”

Hubs is such a handsome fellow. The kind of handsome, in fact, that makes your heart jiggle a little. And I used to think that Hubs was quite intelligent, too. In fact, I used to think that Hubs was good looking and brilliant.

Today, I told him that he was just good looking.

So after devouring his oatmeal and mocha in MY office, Hubs went home and spent the entire day (the! entire! day!) playing video games and watching ESPN. He said that it was one of the most fantastic vacation days of his life.

Happy Martin Luther King Day, Hubs!

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