We Saw the Late Show on a School Night

I have absolutely nothing to write about tonight.

Which means I’ll probably come up with fourteen rambling paragraphs, filled to the hilt with italicized words and movie quotes.

Actually, I think I’m coming up blank tonight simply because of weariness. It’s weariness brought on by believing that I am still young enough to venture out to the cinema to see movies which begin at 9:30 PM.

I did that last night — saw a movie which started past my bedtime.

I kind of felt like Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30, when she’s so excited to be at a party at 11:00 PM on a school night. Only, I was fully aware of the consequences of attending the late show.

It’s called the sheer agony of trying to function the following day in polite society on five hours’ worth of sleep.

But really, I wouldn’t have traded the evening out for extra sleep at all. Amy picked me up at a time which was already beyond both of our bedtimes, and we skipped off to see Dear John with Regan and Kristie. The four of us were the only ones in our theater, although we did see another girl in her flannel jammies, housecoat and slippers heading in to see a different movie. We suddenly decided that our old collegiate sweatshirts and ponytails really didn’t look that bad at all, and we debated calling the producers of What Not to Wear to hand them a new victim.

Amy spent the better half of the movie trying to slap a moth to death, which kept fluttering in her line of vision. Apparently, he was blocking her view of Channing Tatum. Regan spent most of the movie yelling out at the big screen, “Walk away, John Boy! Don’t say, ‘See you soon’ to her! Just walk away!” I spent most of the movie using napkins from the concession stand to sop up the salt water mess I was making, and passing out extra napkins to everyone else for their tears, because I had come prepared.

You simply don’t ever do a Nicholas Sparks feature film without an abundant supply of Bounty. I think the others have finally learned their lessons.

Dear Nicholas Sparks,
Please write a happy book, which can be made into a happy movie.
Jedi Mama

And now, what with it being past 9:00 already, I think I’m going to head to bed. MeMaw is just too worn out from last night to keep the party going now.

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