Memorial Day Monday was a Lot Less Busy Than Our Weekend

It’s Memorial Day, and I think that Hubs and I are going to scout around for the best option, as far as baseball teams go, based solely on what time practices are scheduled for.

Because honestly? Getting up at the crack of yuck on Memorial Day for baseball practice was on level footing with having a root canal or realizing, once you’re already soaking wet and in the shower, that you don’t have a bar of soap.

Basically unpleasant.

But the flip side to that coin was simply this: When baseball practice was done and over with, we had an entire day stretched out before us, and we were ready for it.

Because we were, you know, already up. And showered. And out the door.

Naturally, I took my camera to the ball field this morning, and I fiddled.

And, people, listen to this: The blurry background? Nailed it!

Listen, Boy, if your hair is hanging out of the back of your ball cap, it may be time for a date with the barber.

After baseball practice, Hubs and I got some new curtains for our bedroom, but here’s a little secret.

They’re not really curtains.


They’re drop cloths for painters. Canvas ones. We have a friend who hung them in her fantabulous house, and they were breathtaking, so we copy-catted her idea, and…score! Cheap, but very posh looking, drapes.

For the record, Hubs does not really get excited about hanging drapes. When he finished helping me with that project, he had to take a nap.

Since he got up so early to get the boy to baseball practice and all.

Happy Memorial Day, people.

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