The Mega Magnifier — Go Ahead and Try This at Home

He’s got such tiny little hands…

And listen, people. I can take no photography credit for this one. Brother’s Wife’s sister, Sarah (Did you stay with me on that one?), snapped this shot of the boy at his cousin’s birthday party in June. When she emailed it to me, I laughed and clapped my hands like a circus monkey on a cough syrup overload. I love it!

1 thought on “The Mega Magnifier — Go Ahead and Try This at Home

  1. Dude. The girls and I just got a horrendous (sp?) laugh at this picture!!! And it took me at least 10 minutes to leave this comment – 10 minutes I won't get back, mind you – because our stupid laptop won't connect to the blinkin wireless so I'm stuck using our OLD desktop pc… Dude. You don't know how good you got it til it's gone — like your water.

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