Yes, But Can You Pull a Rabbit Out of Your Hat?

The boy and I did some school clothes shopping today in Bigger Town, USA, and I learned that shopping for clothes with a ten-year-old boy is absolutely no different than shopping for clothes with, say, his daddy. Clearly, the Y chromosome learns at an early age that time spent in a fitting room is time that they’ll never get back, and if they have to be in there, being miserable, then they’re bringing their shopping companions down with them.

Because of that one simple fact, I have an entire casserole dish full of nothing to give to the blog tonight. The boy and his aversion to finding jeans that actually fit him have brought me to a new level of exhaustion, which I had once believed was only achieved by finishing triathlons.

Triathlons and shopping with small boys. They are both sweaty ways to wear yourself out.

So what I do have for you tonight is a video of the boy, as he demonstrates a magic trick. It’s exactly the type of thing that warms a grandmother’s heart.

First of all, as far as the penny goes, it never moves. Ever. The only problem is that I have exactly no hopes of ever winning an Academy Award for directing or filming an independent film, so when the brownish penny was filmed atop the brownish coffee table, it didn’t show up well on the camera. Trust me. It’s there throughout the entire video.

And also? I love when he says that he has an ordinary handkerchief. I am guessing that ordinary handkerchief can easily be translated into Bounty paper towel in his book.

And then he does a quick inspection of our coffee table to make sure that there’s no trap door in it. Believe me, I’d never purchase a table to set in front of the sofa if it actually did have a trap door, because, with Hubs and the boy, they’d simply open it up and pitch their empty soda cans and Pop Tart wrappers in there. I’m sure you can guess who would get stuck picking the trash up.

And one more thing: Look at that kid’s manners! Apparently Cat 2 is in his way for a second, regardless of the fact that you cannot see her in the video, and he politely says, “Excuse me” to her. We’ve trained the young Jedi right.

So, without further ado, may I present the next David Copperfield?

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