The NON-Post

This is an old picture of the boy.

You can tell, because he has short hair in this snapshot. It’s because, back then, I had some say in how long he could grow it.

I love this photo because the boy looks so enthusiastic. Brimming with happiness and good cheer.

And also…boredom.

And I think this is exactly how I feel right now.

We’ve had a grand weekend, people, but the writer’s block is so severe right now, I am drawing a total blank on how to type anything. I thought that playing six consecutive games of Scrabble Blast while I sat here at the computer would get the thought process flowing, but it didn’t. All I did was lose drastically, because my mad gaming skills were at an all-time low today.

Sort of like the Broncos. (But don’t tell Hubs that I said that.)

My game face looks exactly like this one right now:

I will spare you the horror of too many run-on sentences filled with nothing substantial tonight, because if I try to type anything, that’s how it’s going to turn out. And you and I will both regret it, because it’ll be the worst piece of prose ever written. It’ll be painful to read. And then y’all will tell me tomorrow, “Way to go with the blog! It was poo.” And I’m not sure that my self-esteem can handle that.

Hence, this is the post where there was no post.

Happy Sunday, y’all.

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