Quick Thoughts

I have just a few quick things for y’all tonight.

1. Our friend, Nancy, emailed me this morning and said, “Honey, why don’t we put you on the church’s prayer chain, since you haven’t been feeling well?”

Bless Nancy!

When I told Hubs what Nancy had suggested, he smirked and said, “I’m going to tell Nancy that you’re milking this chest cold for all it’s worth!”

(Nancy’s crown in heaven is going to be substantially larger than Hubs’ crown.)

I did, in fact, tell Nancy that my name didn’t need to be added to the chain just yet, because I think that finally, today, I may be recovering.

Sort of.

The biggest sign of my recovery? It’s already well after 8:30, and I’m not even in bed yet!

I told Hubs this evening, “Hey! We have two weeks’ worth of Glee to watch off of the DVR, and an episode of The Office, too!”

Hubs replied by saying, “It’s because living with you this last week has been similar to living with a 95-year-old woman. You cough constantly, you always smell like Vicks, and you’ve been in bed every night before 7:30, which means we can’t watch those shows in the evenings.”

Little does he know that I’ve also been tucking used Kleenexes inside the sleeves of my cardigan sweaters, just by my wrists.

Or that I’ve started flattening out used pieces of aluminum foil and saving them for next time.

Or that I’ve been Googling recipes that incorporate potted meat, since one of the local grocery stores had a fantastic sale on Spam this week.

2. I had to laugh this evening, as I glanced at the detailed blog counter, because a stranger from Las Vegas found my blog by Googling this exact phrase:

“Is the Thanksgiving turkey still good to eat?”

Dear Mr. (Mrs.?) Las Vegas,
It all depends on the person you ask. Some will tell you to go for it. They will insist that your ancestors ate week-old turkey on the wagon train, and that they lived to carry on the family name. Others will inform you that all bird meat is fully tainted and laced with toxic botulism after only four days in the refrigerator. Many people will tell you that it’s probably safe to eat the turkey, as long as you kept it in your refrigerator all week, and not in the linen closet. Ultimately, it’s your decision to make, and I wish you well.
Jedi Mama

PS: We ate tortellini because the six-days-old turkey scared us off.

3. Another stranger from New York found my blog yesterday by doing a Google search on THIS exact phrase:

“My pencil smells like pancake batter.”

Dear Mr. New York,
I can offer you nothing, but you made me laugh out loud.
Jedi Mama

4. And still, a stranger from the land labeled UNKNOWN found my blog by Googling this:

“What is Lionel Richie doing these days?”

Dear Miss UNKNOWN,
Frankly, I have no idea. I lost track of Mr. Richie after Hello. Which, you know, was a fantastic song. We had it on every mixed break-up tape ever recorded back in high school. I’m sorry that I didn’t keep better tabs on him, so that I could give you a more definite answer.
Jedi Mama

5. I’m off. It’s now 9:00, and I’ve rallied just enough strength to fit in a Glee episode before I crawl into bed.

6. And also? I don’t even think that I’m going to need the NyQuil tonight!

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  1. What widget do you use to find out who is googleing you???
    Now that I'm linked, I need to know!
    Because I'm not as vague as you are — ya know with our location and such… 😉

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