The House Nerd

With grace and ease, I stepped right out of my role as the Homecoming Queen here at the Jedi Manor this week and into the position of House Nerd.

People, I (gasp!) joined a book club.

I’ve been wanting to for quite a while, on account of the simple fact that OH, SWEET MERCY!  I do love to read!  And I have actually missed participating in discussions on books in class.

Yes.  House.  Nerd. Clearly.

The other night, while I was still waiting for my assigned book to arrive from the Amazon, I asked Hubs, “Does being in a book club make me a nerd?”

Hubs looked at me with The Look.  It’s the look which indicates, “There is no need to actually ASK that question, because the answer is evident.”


After handing out The Look, Hubs replied, “Well, you don’t see ME enrolling MYSELF in a book club, do you?”

I didn’t even try to explain my other love of office supplies to Hubs, nor did I tell him that wandering through the aisles of a Barnes and Noble, or through the school supplies aisles of Wal-Mart, brings a solid joy to my heart, because that would have just been adding logs to the Nerd Fire.

After waiting for FOUR! ENTIRE! DAYS! for my book to arrive after ordering it online, I ripped into it late Saturday night and asked Hubs, “What if I don’t finish it in time?”

He asked, “Do you get detention if you don’t finish a book that’s a VOLUNTARY PROJECT?”

I only have until the middle of February, and I’d had to wait for my book to arrive, on account of Small Town, USA simply didn’t have it in stock anywhere.  I was understandably worried about being behind in the Reading Schedule.

No matter.

I ripped into the thing on Saturday night, after I found it in my mailbox and did a few back flips, and let me just say this:  IT’S AN OUTSTANDING, UTTERLY DELICIOUS BOOK, people!  I have found it extremely difficult to put down, and I was even devouring chapters in it this evening at my kitchen island, while I was waiting for the chicken breasts to fry.

It’s called Half-Broke Horses, and it’s by Jeannette Walls.  The back of the book pretty much sums everything up, as it tells you that it’s a Little House on the Prairie book for GROWNUPS!


(For the record, Little House on the Prairie is even beneath Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman in Hubs’ book.  Hubs wouldn’t know good TV drama if it drove the stagecoach right over his foot.  For the other record, I big-puffy-heart LOVE Little House!  Love it.  Huge.)

(For yet another record, the boy informed me that Dr. Quinn is really not a realistic show, because, as his daddy so wonderfully pointed out, the Indians spoke perfect English after just having met the white men the previous week, and the boy announced, “Like that could even happen, Mom.  It takes a long time to learn a new language!”  And then he added, “And the little explosion they tried to pull off to blow the rock slab up was so fake, it made me laugh.”  Well then.)

So now, I’m about twenty pages from being finished with the book, and I’m afraid to ask Hubs my NEW burning question.

Does finishing the book I’m reading for my book club in FORTY-EIGHT HOURS make me an even bigger nerd?

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