Back to (Almost) Normal

Influenza A, like the proverbial kidney stone, has passed.  Or rather, it’s pretty much passed us, as the boy turned his nose up at breakfast this morning and announced, “I just ate one bite of that English muffin and two mandarin oranges, because I might puke if I eat a bunch of food this morning.”

Understandably, he’s a little gun-shy when it comes to meals these days.  He has, after all, seen raspberry Jell-O in the bottom of the five-gallon, bright orange Home Depot bucket.

No matter.  The boy returned to school today, and my heart melted with tenderness, because when he jumped out of the Suburban, I heard someone shout out his name from the playground.  And then, five little buddies pounced on him, and hugged him and patted his back, as they completely surrounded him, because clearly the little man had been missed.

Wouldn’t this world be such a better place if we all greeted one another like that?  If we all said, “It’s been four whole days since I saw you last!  Let me squeeze you close and pat your back!”

I may have sat in the Suburban for a couple of minutes with a few tears in my eyes, watching the boy be reunited with his friends.  It was a sweet moment, people.

And then, I was incredibly GLAD to be dropping the boy off at school this morning, because listen.  I know for a fact that homeschooling is not the right choice for our family.  Oh, I wish it were.  Honestly, people.  Wouldn’t it be great to be completely in charge of your child’s education?  And wouldn’t it be great to wear your flannel pajamas while you learned about obtuse angles and the proper way to use a protractor?  And wouldn’t it be wonderful to wrap your days up at noon, and have plenty of time to do whatever floated your boats, and wouldn’t it be such a blessing to be able to spend entire days of time with your ten-year-old boy?

It would.

But then, after yanking the boy through some of his make-up homework yesterday afternoon, I gave thanks that I had decided against homeschooling.  My Type A personality could never have handled the messy classroom, day after day after day.

And yes.  That’s a five-gallon, bright orange Home Depot bucket there by the sofa.  The boy has been a little hesitant to take more than six steps away from it the last few days, but I think all of that is behind us now.

And the day in which I was a homeschooling mom is behind me now, too, which is, you know, an utter relief, because I only said, “Put the cat down!  Do your math!  Put the slinky away!  Do your history!  Put the Legos aside!  Get your reading done!” one thousand and sixty-four times.

And also?  People!  I sort of pride myself on the fact that I graduated AT THE TOP OF MY HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE CLASSES, but low!  I had to pass a 4th grade math question off to Hubs yesterday, because of SO CONFUSING!

But thankfully, the math question passed.

Like a kidney stone.

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