Happy Father’s Day

Our crazy little family would like to wish y’all a Happy Father’s Day.  It was a great one for us.  We spent some time with my dad and some time with Hubs’ dad.  And then we spent some time with the camera on Hubs’ iPad 2.

And then we laughed until our sides threatened to explode.  We laughed until we were all just rolling around on the floor, not making a single sound, because no one could catch their breath after looking at the snapshots we took of each other.  We laughed until we ached, people, because we are VERY mature.

And THAT pretty much sealed and stamped the day as divine perfection.

With love,

Jedi Mama, Hubs, The Boy, Cat 1 and Cat 2

(Do y’all think cutting some bangs would help with my HIGH forehead?!)

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