Pull! Pull! PULL!!


Football camp is all wrapped up, and that’s a sad, sad shame, seeing as how the evening temperatures in Small Town, USA are dropping a bit.

I hate days when I am forced to say that WOW!  IT WAS 91 DEGREES TODAY, AND IT FELT COOL.

The boys sweated it out at camp all week, because of WICKED HOT OUTSIDE.  And wicked hot can produce some powerful sweat.  The only thing working in our favor right now is the small fact that the boy is only ten, so he doesn’t have the hormonal SWEAT STINK that…say…a seventeen-year-old boy would have.

The coaches at the camp put all the boys on little teams, and they scrimmaged for their last night of action.

The boy played center.

I know this, because Hubs said, “Look!  The boy is playing center!”

And I said, “Oh.  Is that what it’s called when you squat down like that and pitch the ball under your legs?”

And Hubs replied, “Why don’t you just stick with your Varsity Words With Friends, m’kay?”

People, I love my college town football team.  And I love Small Town High’s football team.  And I do not need to be able to NAME all the positions in order to feel that love for those boys.  I just have to look good in their school colors.

Which I do.

When the scrimmages were all finished, and the boys were sopped with the sweat, the high school boys who had been coaching the camp all week took their little teams and had enormous tug-of-war competitions.

The boy’s coach this week was a great kid.  The boy actually knows him from youth group.  (He’s wearing the blue clothes and the white skull cap in that picture up there.)  He lined his team of boys up on the rope, and he cheered them on until he was plum hoarse.

The boy’s team won EVERY! SINGLE! heat they competed in during the tug-of-war.  I think it’s because they had the sixty-nine-point-five-pound boy on their side.

At any rate, the boy and his buddy, Gage (in the red) pulled for all they were worth.

There may have been some strutting and some ownership of bragging rights to the phrase, “WE ROCK!” when the boy’s team went undefeated in the big tugging contest.

And then!


And everyone knows that any event worth its salt passes out T-shirts as the grand finale.  The boy and Gage and Deedan posed for a shot.  I’m not sure that this snapshot could have been any darker, if I’d tried.

Eventually the three boys began discussing how fun an overnight would be, and my darling friend, Christy (Gage and Deed’s mama), immediately invited the boy over.  I think it goes without saying that he wasted no time at all packing a bag and a toothbrush and his Nintendo DSi, and off he went.

Christy had lured him with the promise of homemade cheese pizza and popcorn, and eating at Christy’s house is ALWAYS a treat.

It’s because her favorite ingredients are BUTTER, SUGAR AND EAGLE’S BRAND SWEETENED CONDENSED MILK.

And, with a kid-free evening looking us square in the face, Hubs and I signed ourselves up for Date Night.

We’re hoping that our Date Night has fewer catastrophe’s than Tina Fey’s and Steve Carell’s did.

Happy Thursday evening, people.

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