Good Night; Sleep Tight; And Pleasant Dreams To You…


Hubs went to work at 7:30 yesterday morning (Yesterday!  As in Wednesday!), and he came home at 7:30 TONIGHT, because a local attorney’s computers were down.  Fortunately, he can pull a 36-hour stint with no sleep without throwing up, which I’ve never been able to do, because I really do enjoy a good, solid puke whenever I’m sleep-deprived.

I’ve always said that being married to an IT guy is exactly like being married to an on-call surgeon, minus the Lexus SUV and the vacation home in Fiji and the fluffy paychecks.

Of course I don’t sleep AT ALL when Hubs is gone, because I have a tendency to be hyper-vigilant, as I lay in bed listening for noises, and inventing them when it’s entirely too quiet.  And then I get myself worked up over stories the cute neighbor boy’s mama has told me about prowlers, because she and I feed off of one another like two twelve-year-old girls at a slumber party.

Which is to say that we can scare the socks off of one another while we’re busy painting our toenails purple.  Of course I remembered the story she told me about something growling at her from the bushes last year, so at 2:00 this morning I was pretty convinced that I’d heard a Yeti clearing his throat on our deck, as he prepared himself for the enormous Yeti Howl that the Big Foot Hunters are convinced the beasts deliver before they attack.  I have no idea how the creatures know that I’m the only adult on the premises, but they do, and they NEVER tromp up the deck’s steps to howl at my door while Hubs is home.

It’s because they’ve seen Hubs fight the cats, and they don’t want a piece of THAT, I guess.

So really?  I am DONE with today.  I’ve spent the last 30 minutes wondering how I’m going to play a Q that I’m apparently going to be stuck with in a Words With Friends game, and I am BEMOANING THE FACT that I will PLUM LOSE THE GAME because of an unplayable Q.  Apparently, I am entirely too competitive for WWF, and I can’t figure out why QA and QE cannot be legitimate English words, and I also need to find a hobby that is LESS STRESSFUL.

I think I’ll audition for a spot on Finding Big Foot on Animal Planet.  I don’t even have to go looking for him; if I’m by myself and it’s dark outside, HE’LL find ME.



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