How To Decorate With Spaghetti Pictures

I love to stalk home decorating blogs.  It’s a sickness, actually.  And then I show Hubs all the cool stuff, and I say, “Hey!  We can build something like that, can’t we?”

And by we, I mean Hubs.  And building little ottomans out of two-by-fours and coffee sacks usually interferes with all the football watching at our house, and anything that interferes with the Broncos is frowned upon.

And anything that interferes with the Colorado Avalanche is simply SHUT DOWN.

No matter.

The reason that this little blog is not a home decorating blog is because my best decorating trick is to get all of the dirty dishes out of the sink and into the dishwasher.  Never underestimate the power of clean kitchen counters to make things look all Martha Stewart-y.

But today!

Today, I have some snapshots of the new pictures of the boy that we hung at Casa del Jedi.

And by we, I mean Hubs.  I did hold the tape measure and answer the phone twice during all the picture hanging, though, so I feel like I contributed something to the project.  But honestly?   My vision was to have those giant pictures lined up in a straight line, and that required MANY MATHEMATICAL TALENTS, and listen, people.  I DID get A’s in Algebra.  I did. But it was because I STUDIED and because I FOCUSED.  It certainly wasn’t because math is my spiritual gift.  But for Hubs, math is as easy as breathing; figuring out formulas for Hubs is as easy as popping M&Ms into your mouth.  He measured the wall, and he measured the photos, and then he said, without writing ANYTHING DOWN, “You need a nail every X-and-three-eighths of an inch.”  THAT is why the pictures are precisely straight and evenly spaced.  When I hear the words “three-eighths of an inch,” I just like to round things to “one half.”

One half is so much easier to work with.

But, people, BEHOLD!

Months ago, I saw a professional photographer’s website who had taken snapshots of her four kiddos eating spaghetti, and she’d blown them up to monstrously-sized canvases and hung them on her dining room wall.  They looked fun and whimsical, and I was in love.

The only real problem was that I have ONE KID, and I wanted FOUR PICTURES, but that turned out to be a surmountable dilemma, because we just made the boy eat a GOB of spaghetti.

And by we, I mean my friend, Susan, because if you think that I took these pictures, you are sadly mistaken.  My photography skills are still barely above the ability to keep my subject matter entirely in focus.  I have an SLR Canon Rebel T2i, while my abilities are better suited for the vintage Polaroids.

Susan shot these pictures of the boy eating spaghetti in RAW.  I don’t even know what RAW means in Photographer Speak, and I have no idea how to tell my camera to take pictures that way; all I know is that YOU’D BETTER HAVE PHOTOSHOP IF YOU’RE GOING RAW.

After the boy ate enough spaghetti to distend his gut to deathly proportions, Susan edited the pictures, and then we printed them on enormous canvases.  And by we, I still mean JUST SUSAN.

And when they came in the mail, I fell in love and nearly dribbled in my drawers with excitement.

So there you have it.

I have officially posted a home decorating post!  Combine that with my lone recipe for Scrambled Pancakes, and you’ve got someone destined to receive a phone call from Better Homes and Gardens, asking me to do a guest post for them.

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