Sometimes we just have ordinary days around the Jedi Manor, where absolutely nothing exciting happens.

(Unless you count laundry and cat-slapping as exciting events.)

(Because Cat 2?  Well, her addiction to all things TINY is going to be the death of my normal sleep patterns, because she keeps bringing miniature Lego bricks, pennies and plastic gumball rings into our bedroom and dropping them onto the hardwood floor at 3:00 in the mornings.  She is nothing more than a fourteen-pound PACK RAT who harbors scavenging and hoarding issues.  Thus begins the cat slapping.  Only I can never catch her at 3 AM, because she has fleeing and dodging down to a fine art.)

(And also?   I have probably ACTUALLY NEVER had normal sleep patterns, because I am what you might refer to as a HIGH MAINTENANCE SLEEPER.)

(I need the pillows, people.  A lot of the pillows, and they must be stacked just-so, and the blankets must be neither too many nor too few, and the room temperature must be exactly as Goldilocks likes it, and if Hubs is up playing his new airplane game on his laptop [which reminds me of Farmville, but for airports!], the noise of him smacking the spacebar repeatedly so that he can pull off a  perfect landing with his B-17 bomber makes me want to pull my hair out by the roots.)

(Also?  The art of the tangent?  NAILED IT!)

But, yes.  Some days are so NORMAL and UNEVENTFUL around here, that they flat-out leave me with NOTHING to write about.

Unless you want to hear about how I woke up on Tuesday morning with a stiff neck, because my pile of pillows was completely skewed at some point in the middle of the night, and I felt like Joan Cusack’s character from Sixteen Candles all day.

(Apparently there are no great images of the geeky girl with the neckbrace online, so I simply stole one that barely shows you how I had to drink soda on Tuesday morning.)

I spent the entire afternoon turning completely sideways to see every kid who spoke to me in my gym,  and tying kindergarten PE shoes was a chore.

And today, I’m all better.

Mainly because I slept WELL last night, except for that ten-minute period between 11:30 and 11:40, when the boy got out of bed and started up a shower, because he was getting ready for school.  Hubs told him, “Listen!  It’s 11:30!  In the nighttime!  You can get out of the shower, put your pajamas back on, and head back to bed.”  And, with his eyes glazed over from SLEEPING, the boy did just that.  He dried off.  He put his pajamas back on.  And he sleep-walked right back to bed.

This morning, when we asked him about it, he said, “I DO remember starting the shower at 11:30 last night, but I thought it was 11:30 in the morning, and I thought I was LATE FOR SCHOOL!”

So there you have it, people.

One uneventful post, because it has been an uneventful week around here.

And listen.  I’ve learned to PLUM GIVE THANKS for uneventful weeks, because it means we’re still doing well.

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