Winning. And Losing. And Planking.

I have done absolutely nothing monumental today, other than tuck myself in at Starbucks for a cup of caffeine with the girls early this morning and spend ninety entire minutes talking to Mika this evening, in one long-winded, out-of-breath phone call.

I  might just as well have spent my entire day planking, for all I managed to accomplish.

And yes, I had great plans to actually show you photos of our weekend, which was spent MANY MILES AWAY FROM SMALL TOWN, because yes! The Jedi Family took a little road trip, but listen!  I also had great plans to get to the grocery store today so that I could secure genuine food for our dinner, but that didn’t happen either.

We did make it to the boy’s soccer game this evening, and all I have to say is this:  “We can’t win EVERY SINGLE GAME; just ask the Denver Broncos.”

The boy and his band of buddies gave the game all they had.  They dripped sweat, they kicked hard, they ran fast, and they showed the world their soccer talent.  In the end, they were on the short side of a 2 to 4 game.

And THAT score, people, is an honorable score.  THAT score indicates that they showed up for the game, and that they played hard.  And can we even say that about the Broncos, after yesterday?  We had to listen to the game in the Suburban, because of ROAD TRIP, and Hubs kept closing his eyes and breathing air slowly in through his nostrils, and releasing it slowly through his mouth, while he pinched the bridge of his nose and whispered, “I am breaking up with the Denver franchise for life now.”

Listen, Broncos!  Hubs would like it if y’all quit planking and actually showed up to play some football.

And tomorrow I’ll get back with the entire blogging program and slap some snapshots of our weekend up, because I’m sure about two of you would like to see digital evidence of our adventures.

1 thought on “Winning. And Losing. And Planking.

  1. I love your world. It sounds great from morning starbucks to night time phone calls and family in between…can’t get better than that!

    I need to get in on this football. I’m not much of a fan, but I’m reading Tim Tebow’s book, “Through My Eyes,” and I just feel obligated to know now what is going on with the team. I think reading a team players autobiography as impressive as Tim Tebow will make a fan out of me yet!

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