The Differences Between Girls and Boys

I wish that I had real nouns and pronouns and adjectives and verbs to spread out for y’all tonight in the shape of UPLIFTING and FANTASTICALLY-WRITTEN paragraphs, but I don’t.

What I do have for you though is simply an excerpt from a real-live conversation at our house this week.

The Boy:  “I’m sure glad that I’m not a girl!”

The Mama:  “Why?  What’s wrong with being a girl?”

The Boy:  “Well… For starters… All girls ever do is sit around in a circle and drink coffee, and I don’t even LIKE coffee all that much.”

The Mama:  “That is NOT all we do!”

The Boy:  “Yes it is.  Just think of how many times you go to Starbucks and sit in a circle with other girls.  And what do you have?  You have COFFEE!”

The Mama:  “I don’t go to Starbucks every day though.”

The Boy:  “No, but even when you sit on the sofa and talk on the phone with a girl, you always have a cup of coffee.  Seriously, Mom.  If you’re talking to Mika on the phone… you get a cup of coffee first.  If we go over to Christy’s house… she makes coffee for the two of you.  If you and Peggy talk about getting together soon… you always plan it around coffee.  If you and Amy decide you need to talk… you head out for Starbucks.”

The Mama:  “Well, then.  What do BOYS do?”

The Boy:  “Well, boys stand in a straight line sometimes, and they have a Budweiser.  And then they go watch a game on TV, or they talk about Pawn Stars, or they all go to the garage to fix something, or they ask to see what Legos you have, and THAT is a whole lot more fun than just sitting in a circle with a cup of coffee!  I think it would be crazy boring to sit around in a circle TALKING NONSTOP and DRINKING COFFEE.”

Hubs and I will be enrolling the boy in psychology classes at Harvard next week.

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  1. Oh my, that is hilarious! He really nailed the difference between boys and girls. Hopefully he’ll grow to appreciate Starbucks for when he gets married one day!

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