I’d Call it More of a Limburger Than a Robust Cheddar

So Hubs and I are still getting used to the whole concept of carrying the diaper bag around again.

And by carrying it around, we mean NOT FORGETTING IT AT HOME.  Because today I walked out of the house with the little peanut in his car seat, and I distinctly thought to myself, “This having a newborn business is getting much easier.  I feel lighter!  I don’t feel like I’m hauling around twenty-two extra contraptions and bits of baby gear with me today!”  And, people, I was proud of the fact that I had somehow, unknowingly, eliminated a bunch of baby paraphernalia that the pioneers never had, and I was on my way to town.

Except, as Hubs would say, I live in town, which renders going to town pointless.

Hubs continues to be hysterical.

I got the car seat strapped into the Suburban in record time, and I strapped myself into the driver’s seat, and I started backing out of the driveway, when it suddenly occurred to me, “What if little Thing 2 needs a bottle while I’m out?”  And blam!  Just like that I remembered!

The reason I felt lighter and more in control was that I was completely missing the diaper bag.  We give ourselves bonus points, next-level-advancements and extra lives if we remember to leave the house these days with the baby AND the diaper bag!

After I got home this afternoon (With the baby!  And the bag!), I realized that there was a bottle in the zippered side-pouch which I had not put there this morning.  And then I remembered that WOW!  I actually put that in there LAST WEDNESDAY, when Hubs and I took Thing 2 to his pediatrician’s office for a check-up.

And I don’t know if y’all know this or not, but you can make something very similar to a processed blue cheese spread with aged Similac.  I had no idea.

In addition to remembering the diaper bag, we also clearly need to check it for concealed contraband that can turn into antibiotics with a week’s worth of aging.

Happy Tuesday night,  y’all.

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