The Week In Pictures

So this week I tried to keep things to a minimum.

I only snapped 300 pictures of Thing 2.  It’s because he’s so stinking cute, and because I know that I’m going to blink and then he’ll be walking out the door for kindergarten and breaking my heart plum in half, exactly like the boy did.  Babies have a way of growing up on a mother, whether she gives her permission for all the growing up to happen or not, so having a multitude of memories stored forever in pictures is important.

Here’s one that I snapped yesterday:

Aren’t those cheeks just yummy?!  And isn’t that one of the cutest little mouths you’ve ever seen?

Of course Hubs didn’t want to be outdone this week, either. He’s not one who grabs the camera for special moments like I do, so you know that when Hubs takes a photo, the event is memorable… an event that Hubs never wants to forget.

This is what Hubs took a picture of this week:

Yes.  That’s right.  You’re staring at a raw hunk of pig covered in chipotle peppers.  This is just before Hubs closed the lid on his Traeger grill and let the whole thing cook all afternoon.  Low and slow was his motto.

One of us needs counseling.

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