Apparently Naps Are Overrated, And I Didn’t Get The Memo Stating That

Do you see this picture of Thing 2?

Well, it was MOST ASSUREDLY NOT taken today.  The reason that I know this picture wasn’t snapped today is because Thing 2 never looked like that today, because this is the day which will go down in history as THE DAY THE EIGHT WEEK OLD BABY DID NOT TAKE A NAP.

How does an eight week old baby even accomplish that?!

Hubs and I are pretty certain that Thing 2 will be redefining the term STRONG WILLED CHILD.

It was definitely one of those days… One of those days where the baby refused to nap, and two flower pots fell off of the shelf in the bathroom and smashed on the tile, and I knocked my cup of coffee over on the kitchen counter and slopped it everywhere, everywhere, EVERY! STINKING! WHERE!, and then the boy brought home a recorder from his music class at school, and has been prancing around the house, playing Hot Cross Buns three thousand and ninety-two times…

But listen, y’all.  When we went to watch Cousin K play some soccer this afternoon, Thing 2 slept in his carseat for 45 minutes.

Blessed silence.  Even the angels held their breath, so as not to wake him up, because the tiny boy only slept for 90 minutes total throughout the entire day, and the angels know that waking a child who has slept so little is seventeen kinds of horrible and makes walking under a ladder while being chased by a dozen black cats look harmless.

(And yes.  That was a fairly decent run-on sentence, but I’m pretty certain if you could get inside my head tonight, run-on sentences would be the only thing you’d hear.  Somewhere an English professor just died from grief.)

And in the middle of all the silence at the soccer field, I was able to snag a few snapshots of darling K.  I could smooch those freckles right off his face, they’re so cute!

And so I think it goes without saying that I HAVE A TOUCH OF THE TIRED tonight.  And since Thing 2 has FINALLY, AND THANK YOU, JESUS fallen asleep, I’m heading for my pajamas, too.

Happy Monday.  I hope all of your terracotta flower pots are still in one piece.  I cannot say the same thing for those that used to adorn the Jedi Manor.

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