Happy Father’s Day

How can your Father’s Day be anything EXCEPT happy when you get to wake up to these two cherubs?

And that’s it for tonight, folks.  We’re shutting Jedi Mama, Inc. down a bit early this evening, because one of the cherubs featured above thought that Happy Hour was between 12:45 AM and 2:15 AM at the bar this morning.  He ordered a Similac — Tall and stirred, and make it a bit WARMISH, because freezy milk makes my tummy clench! — and then he thought it was time to show off his dance moves.  And his yells.  And his crazy-mad jumping skillz.  And his giggles.  And his happy squeals.  And then he shouted, “Don’t we have any Veggie Tales songs to turn up on the iPod?  How can I dance without Bob and Larry giving me a background beat?”  And honestly?  I tried not to make eye contact with him, but it happened, and he seems to know he’s cute.

Even in the wee hours of the morning.

And 90 minutes later, he went back to sleep.

And then, because he’s young, he had no problem shouting out at 5:00 this morning, “Good morning, Mom!  I hear the birds!  Mom!  I!  Hear!  The birds!  Let’s get up, Mom!”

And because it’s Father’s Day, Thing 2 and I got up, while Hubs slept in until 8:15.  And while the boy slept in until 8:00.

Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I got up at 5:00 on Mother’s Day, too, but who’s keeping track of things like that?

Y’all have a great Sunday night, and may each and every single one of you sleep well.

(And PS.  Go ahead and say it.)

(Those are the two cutest, most adorable boys any of y’all have ever seen.)

(Thank you.  And I agree.)

(Happy Father’s Day.)

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