I LOL’ed At This

This pretty much sums up my texting relationship with Hubs:

And the sad thing?  People, Hubs has the message “K” saved on his phone, and he simply FORWARDS it to me.   It is, after all, TIME CONSUMING to retype the letter K and send it out.

Time is money.

I’m pretty sure that if I’d known back in 1995 that Hubs was going to be completely incompatible with me, as far as texting goes, I would never have let things go so far between us.

You know.  Back in 1995.  When we both would have laughed out loud if someone had said, “And by the way, seventeen years from now, you’ll send one another typed messages from your cell phones.  And those cell phones won’t be the size of a loaf of bread or stored in a black, zippered bag, either.”

Hubs would have just looked at the person telling us such nonsense and said, with sarcasm dripping thickly, “K…”

Happy Wednesday night, people.

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