The Odds And The Ends From The Last Week


My Labor Day was perfectly glamorous, in the sense that we watched the movie Super 8 last night with the boy, and… well… apparently this was a poor judgement on the part of the parents’, because the boy ended up with a sleeping bag on our bedroom floor all night.  Hubs and I thought the show was E.T. with a vitamin supplement, but it turned out that the boy thought it was E.T. is overtaken by the Terminator and Predator and everyone is doping with steroids and MY WORD!  I’ll just watch this with a blanket over my head.

And the glamorous part came in the fact that Thing 2 decided that screaming and hollering at 2:00 this morning was THE! THING! TO DO!, and I had to pay a visit to his bedroom to insist, “No, sir!  Mama ain’t yankin’ you out so that we can go to the park and swing.  It is dark-thirty, and YOU, sir, are going back to sleep.”  But before I ever made it to Thing 2’s bedroom, I stepped on the boy, because yes.  I forgot he was there, to protect us from the alien that was just trying to build a ship and get back home.


Of course I did what any winning Mother of the Year would do; I shut the baby monitor off and I fell asleep.

And then I woke up at 4:30, and everyone was sleeping, and I remembered not to step on the boy when I got out of bed to tiptoe in and peek at Thing 2, just to make sure that his dream of swinging had been put to rest for the time being.

So that is why we all slept until 8:00 this morning.

And then I didn’t shower until the afternoon, because apparently I misinterpreted Labor Day to mean WE WORK NOW, rather than THIS IS YOUR ONE EARNED DAY A YEAR TO SIT ON THE SOFA AND WATCH HGTV ALL DAY LONG.  I did laundry.  And I scrubbed down the kitchen.  And I reintroduced myself to our hardwood floors.  (“Hi.  I’m the lady who usually vacuums you; I doubt you remember me, but I’m here to get the layer of gravel off of y’all and polish you right up.”)

I also did laundry, because people were beginning to complain around here about WHERE WOULD A SOUL GO TO FIND CLEAN UNDERWEAR IN THIS HOUSE?

Um?  Walmart?  Here’s the debit card.

But, all in all, I think we’ve recovered from the week of BUSY, BUSY, OH MY WORD, THE BUSYNESS!, and our closets have been refilled with fresh clothes, and our dishes are even clean, and whatever was smelling like a dead goat in our refrigerator has been removed and pitched into the outdoor dumpster.

AND Hubs helped me gut our pantry and remove all manner of expired things and WHY DO WE STILL HAVE THIS? things, and now I like to just sit on the floor with the pantry doors wide open, and stare.  That pantry is a thing of beauty, people.  And if you want the oatmeal, well, I can find it in point-eight seconds.

Anyway and so forth and such as, I DO have a ton of pictures from this week, but resizing them tonight simply isn’t going to happen, because listen:  We have had a full Labor Day Weekend, with back-to-back barbecues and water fights and a couple of birthday parties and boys hanging out at my house and a washing machine that ran so much, it almost burned itself up.

So I’ll give you some random photos instead, and the Big Event snapshots will appear later this week.

We had some cousin time this last week.  I’ve said it before, and I will say it again:  Little H is not a fan of Thing 2, because Thing 2 is LOUD and LOUD and also LOUD.  H is a lady, and she’s not into having someone her size get in her face and holler and screech with laughter at her.  Because of this, she’s never overly enthusiastic to sit next to him, unless he has a rattle she can swipe.

Thing 2 is clearly saying, “Really, Ma!  I was just minding my own business this time!  I didn’t yell at her a single time just now!”

The boy and Quinn also did a round of golf one evening last week in the wind.  They set off for nine holes and played just six instead, because the boy said, “Mom, the wind was ridiculous, and even Tiger Woods couldn’t have compensated for it.”

There was also some quality time in front of the video games, where the boy and Bek and Enzo rotted their brains right out of their ears.

And then they all came upstairs and asked, “Is there anything to eat?”

Ten minutes later an entire box of Ritz crackers, four pears, two leftover slices of pizza and three yogurt containers had disappeared out of my kitchen.

The boys didn’t, however, lay a single finger on Thing 2’s sweet potatoes, which was for the best, because Thing 2 gets a titch upset when there aren’t any sweet potatoes in the pantry for him to snack on.

And of course we had some playtime and some time in the swing.

And that’s going to be a wrap for the Labor Day Weekend.  I have one more load of clothes to fold, but THANK HEAVENS!  It’s just the bath towels, and I feel like that’s an easy win, because EVERYTHING GETS FOLDED IN SQUARES!

Happy Monday night, y’all.

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