Game On!

Well, I’m sure y’all will be just plain, dadgum happy to hear that apparently the NHL lockout is over.

I heard about this for the first time in the hallway at church yesterday morning, when Hubs stopped his good buddy, Brian, and pretty much yelled, “Hockey’s back on!  I just found out, right now!  Wanna do pizza and the game when the Avalanche play?”

And that statement lead me to believe that perhaps Hubs was doing a little more with his smart phone than following along with Pastor John in his online Bible.  Apparently, when the pastor was reading from Ephesians 4, Hubs was reading from ESPN.

I think Hubs is more excited about his ice skaters taking to the rink with their taped-up sticks than he was about Christmas happening.  Ultimately this means that the TV will be blaring hockey games six times a night, eight nights a week, until the Stanley Cup is raised high sometime in June.  Or July.  Or maybe August.  Whenever hockey is finally over.

Wish me luck.  I’m dressed in black today because I’m a hockey widow now.  Plus, I’ve been busy sweeping up the happy confetti Hubs threw everywhere before the baby eats it.

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