Just Whistle While You Work…

Have I mentioned that Thing 2 likes to help with dishes?

I have?  Twenty-hundred times already?

Well.  It’s the truth.  Thing 2 enjoys helping with the dishwasher as much as an eleven-year-old girl enjoys a good Justin Bieber concert.

And now… well… Thing 2 whistles to boot.  Oh, it’s not a full-on, zippity-doo-da sort of whistle perfection, but he’s moving air in and out in a breathy This Is How The Gorillas In The Rainforest Whistle sort of way.  And when he helps with the dishes, Thing 2 whistles.

If he could just learn to ride the unicycle, Hubs and I would put him in the circus.

Oh, I kid, people!

Hubs and I are pretty sure the circus will take him, whether he can ride the unicycle or not.

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