Blue Sweatshirts and Books and Legos and A Piano That May Not Survive All The Beatings It Takes On The Floor

Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, and I just want y’all to know that I really did buy something romantic for Hubs.

It’s a bright blue, Under Armour sweatshirt, with a hood, which replaces his 1987 blue, hooded sweatshirt that says SMALL TOWN VARSITY WRESTLING across the front of it, which I have managed to commandeer as my own over the years, even though I didn’t wrestle in high school.

(Because wrestling?  Yeah.  That is SO not for me.  I can’t imagine anything worse than rolling around on the mat, while someone’s sweaty armpit is wiped across your face, and then he holds  your arm down so that you can’t move, until the ref counts to three or ten or twenty-nine, or whatever the magic number is, that finally signifies your release from hell.)

Hubs was powerfully impressed with the sweatshirt.  Every single evening, Hubs walks in the front door and starts undressing as he climbs up the stairs.  Now, before you think this is a romantic gesture on his part, let me set y’all straight.  Hubs whips off his collared shirts every evening, which he feels he should wear to the office, because his Life is Good T-shirt with the hockey player on it… the one with the fraying seams… might not be recognized by potential clients as a power suit.  When the collared shirt is off, Hubs yanks on a beat-up T-shirt and a sweatshirt, because his ultimate goal is to  make double the laundry loads for me.

Bless his heart.

So I imagine that we’ll be seeing quite a lot of the new sweatshirt in the evenings around here.

Hubs bought me a stack of books on Amazon, which YAY!  I had been pining for a few new books for a while now, and so, because Hubs isn’t a mind reader and would never know WHICH BOOKS SPECIFICALLY to order, I got myself on Amazon.  I filled a cart up with two lovely hardbacks and two incredible soft-covers, and then I handed my little Samsung tablet to Hubs and said, “Will you place this order and do all the paying?”

Happy Valentine’s Day to me!  The box from Amazon arrived last night, and I waited until this morning to open it.  I couldn’t have been more tickled with my gift.  You can place some money bets on what I’ll be doing when I crawl into bed tonight.


Hubs also brought me a chai tea from Starbucks this morning, and he BROUGHT HOME THE VENTI.

I may never have loved him more.  Venti speaks volumes of love words, without saying anything out loud.

And I do just have to say that Hubs makes me happy.  I mean INCREDIBLY happy.  I look back on all my Valentine’s Day dates from years gone by, when I’d receive a Black Hills gold necklace, because SWEET MERCY!  We had been dating for three entire months!  We’d go out for shrimp dinners, with money saved from our after-school jobs, and we’d profess our love for one another and make declarations that we would grow old together.

Thankfully Jesus was just sitting on his throne, shaking his head, saying, “Yeah… that is not going to happen, because your sweet mama is intervening in prayer and assuring me that THIS BOY is not the one for you.  And if you’ll just wait for a few more years, I have one in mind for you who will pull out his credit card and order you books for Valentine’s Day and bring you cups from Starbucks.  He’s going to hug you on bad days… and laugh with you on good days… and hold your hand in the sad parts of movies when you start to cry… and he’ll always let you have just one sip of his Coke, because you always profess that you don’t want a whole Coke of your own… and he’ll enjoy evenings at home in front of your fireplace with the two boys that I’ve already got picked out for you.”

And so I waited, not so much because waiting is what I wanted to do, but because I was (gasp!) traded in for a redhead with curls.  And then Hubs showed up.  And all I can say is WHEW!  He loves me for me, and he never complains when I tell him that I’ve cooked dinner, when all I really mean is that I threw some frozen corn dogs onto a cookie sheet and baked them at 425.

Dear Hubs, You spin me right ’round, like a record, Baby…

And that concludes the mushy-like-oatmeal segment of our blog post tonight.

What I have for you now are some snapshots of the two cutest boys in America.  I know that if y’all have boys of your own, you think that THEY are the cutest in this great country, but I’m here to whisper in your ear, “I’m sorry, but you’re wrong.”

We had a little photo shoot bright and early this morning, in front of the fireplace.  I think it went VERY WELL.

And then, because Legos are the boy’s love language, there was a new box of them for a Valentine’s Day gift.  He was smitten.

And since NOISE is Thing 2’s love language, he got a new piano to bang on.  He has smacked the brightly-colored keys all day long today, in his demonstration of Mozart-meets-instrument-smashers-like-Nikki-Sixx-and-Pete-Townsend.

And that’s about how Valentine’s Day went for us.  There was no romantic dinner involved, because Hubs signed the boy up for a hunter’s safety course, which they are taking together, every evening for two entire weeks.

(Obviously, a MAN scheduled the class, because a girl would have looked at a calendar and said, “Sweet mercy!  We can’t have our Safety While Hunting class this week, because Valentine’s Day falls smack at the end there, and we all need to be home when the floral delivery guy shows up!”)

(On a side note, you should know that the boy burst through our door at 8:15 on Tuesday night and hollered, “Did you know that you can start a fire with a 9-volt battery and steel wool?  DID YOU KNOW THAT??!!!!  THAT is what we learned tonight, and I can hardly wait to try it!!!!!”)

(The boy interjected a LOT of exclamation points while he was talking.)

(I asked Hubs, “What kind of class is this?”  The answer was simple:  Survival in the mountains if you’re separated from your hunting party in a great blizzard.  Me becoming separated from MY hunting party in a great blizzard would never happen.  It’s very difficult to lose something that’s clinging to your leg with a grasp that’s usually reserved for preschoolers when their mamas drop them off for school and they don’t want to be there. If I’m going to be lost in the mountains, someone who doesn’t mind the dark AMIDST ALL THE TREES AND THE SNOW is going to be with me, because I won’t be letting go of his leg.)

(I asked Hubs if HE knew that you could start a fire with a battery and steel wool, and he assured me that he DID know that, but that it had been several years since he’d actually done it, and could I please put a 9-volt battery and some steel wool on my shopping list for the next time that I go to Walmart?)

(Sometimes it’s not frozen corn dogs that are the way to a boy’s heart; it’s a small fire.)


Don’t you think Thing 2’s T-shirt today is THE BOMB?!

Because goodness!  His mama sure thinks he’s going to be a heart breaker.  He needs another T-shirt that says, “Better Lock Up Your Daughters.”  And then I need to buy one for the boy that reads, “I Never Have Girlfriends During The Holidays Because They’re Too Expensive.”

Anyway, I have to give a shout out to our darling friend, Carrie, because she passes all of her boys’ clothes our way, so that Thing 2 can dress very handsomely.  And look!  She sent pictures tonight of Kellan wearing the Lil’ Heart Breaker shirt for two years in a row!  Kellan can wear his clothes longer because his gut doesn’t grow like  Thing 2’s does.  Thing 2 is an accomplished eater… he’s a gold medalist in finishing slices of Starbucks’ pumpkin bread in record time… and this tends to make his clothes too tight in a big hurry.

Also?  Carrie’s boys are CLOSE to being the cutest brother duo in America, but mine still win.

I will give Oliver and Kellan an honorary second place, though, because their cheeks are so kissable and their blue eyes melt my heart.

Hand-me-down clothes ROCK!

I hope that y’all had a very romantic Valentine’s Day, exactly like ours was.  Who needs Black Hills gold necklaces and fancy bags from Victoria’s Secret, when you are married to your very best friend, who can pay for the books you shoved into your online shopping cart?

This is going to go down as one of the best days ever.

Dear Hubs… I love you, just so long as your beard never looks like the ones on Duck Dynasty.  Forever and ever.

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