Wordless Wednesday

I know.  The whole point of bloggers doing a Wordless Wednesday post is… well… that they should just throw on a snapshot with no words.  But when have I EVER been able to do anything without words?  It’s why I don’t hunt.  Because really?  Who would sit with me in the brush for nine straight hours, waiting for the elk to come through?  I couldn’t be quiet for that long.  Hubs would throw in the towel and call it quits on Hunting With Your Wife, because in nine hours of waiting for the elk, I could cover a myriad of topics.

Seven times.

And who am I kidding?  Hubs would throw in the towel BEFORE Hunting With Your Wife even got itself started, because he KNOWS that I would be all, “Run, Mr. Elk!  Run!  He has a gun!  Run fast!  Stomp him with your hooves, Mr. Elk, before he puts a cap in your hind end!”

There are some sports that husbands should really just do alone… or with Ted Nugent.

But seriously.

This is the picture that I had for y’all for Wordless Wednesday.  It’s how I found the little man in his crib last night, before I went to bed myself…

That’s a whopping-big pile of cuteness, right there.

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