I Wasn’t Ready To Lose My Hour

So the day when we set our clocks BACK an hour?  Well… that’s my favorite day of the year.  I like it even better than I like my birthday and the day that Starbucks opens their doors and shouts out, “Free chai lattes for everyone!”

And today?  The day we had to set our clocks FORWARD an hour?  Well… that’s the day I hate the most every year.  I hate it even more than the day when Hubs announces, “We need to buy new tires.  Four of them.”  Because tires?  Well… they’re black and round, whether they’re new or old, and they have to be the single MOST BORING purchase out there.

(Unless we’re talking about new shingles for the roof.  Because… yes.  Yes, shingles are every bit as boring as tires.)

I’ve been stumbling around with a LACK OF SLEEP hangover today, because I kept waking up last night, over and over, because WHY NOT?  I had to check the time.  And then the baby is on his own time schedule, which means I STILL GET UP AT 5:45, NO MATTER IF IT WAS 4:45 YESTERDAY OR NOT, and WHOSE GONNA GET THE WARM MILK IN THE BOTTLE, PEOPLE?

Bless his heart.

When I can get some sleep and focus my attention, I have snapshots to share, because we did some partying this weekend.

Y’all have a fantastic Sunday evening, and I hope that the time change has been as kind to you as possible.

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