One Hundred Thirty-Seven Words Tonight. You’re Welcome.


Today has been full, from the smashed finger in the Suburban door (which was thankfully not mine, but hurt my heart just the same, because one of the Sons of Thunder howled), to the chemistry camp, to the trip to Bigger Town to see the orthodontist, to the HE CAN’T SLEEP BECAUSE HE COUGHS ALL NIGHT (which is the baby… which also means, the parents can’t sleep at night because he can’t sleep at night).

And so I’m going to wrap things up here at Jedi Mama, Incorporated before I fall over into a coma and sleep until Monday.  It’s best that way.  Otherwise, I’ll ramble on here at the keyboard and confuse you to death with ideas and theories that don’t make any sense.

Keep calm and carry on, y’all.

And don’t forget to go to Starbucks.

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