How Do You Say “BORING BLOG POST” In English?

I’m sure that y’all have just been holding your breath in anticipation.

Did Thing 2 sleep through the night last night?  Or was he up, causing a ruckus, which is why he was featured in an eBay auction first thing this morning?

The truth is, our toddler went to sleep last night at 7:45, and we did not hear a single peep out of him until 6:15 this morning.  It was enough to make me do the Happy Dance.

In other news, today was another one of those STAY AT HOME IN THE DREARY, RAINY WEATHER sort of days, which is the reason I have absolutely nothing interesting to report.

Unless you want to know how I sorted the whites from the darks, washed three entire loads of laundry from start to finish, and cut up leftover, grilled chicken to dump onto plates of lettuce for dinner.  Hubs thought the rain and the dark clouds called for a big pot of homemade chili, but listen:  We had all of this grilled chicken from last night in our refrigerator.  Cutting up chicken and putting it on top of a bed of pre-washed, straight-from-the-salad-bag greens trumps “brown the hamburger, dice the onion, cut up the celery, open all the cans of tomatoes, wash the beans, stir, try to find the spices in your spice rack, and let simmer for one hour” every single day of the week.

So sue me.

Except I have no real money, which means suing me will end badly.  Unless, of course, you’re after my high-powered, sucks-the-nails-right-out-of-the-subfloor central vacuum cleaner.  It’s pretty much the only thing of any real value around here.

So, I’ll just leave you with this tonight:

1375984_536406743107276_74701447_nTHAT is a word of truth.  I’m fairly certain that if the birds really DID talk to me, I’d be having coffee with Kate and Prince George in the morning.

Y’all have a happy Monday.

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