I May Be In A Palmolive Commercial Soon

What you need to know about my life right now is that I have returned to the days of my youth.

Which means I’m washing dishes exactly like Caroline Ingalls used to wash them, which is exactly how I used to wash them before we built this house.

Which is BY HAND.

Our LG dishwasher has pulled its very last prank on me.  If you can’t wash the dishes with HOT water… if you refuse to use your built-in drying mechanism to alleviate the pain of me having to HAND DRY the dishes when I take them out of the dishwasher… if you don’t even make an honest attempt to GET THE DISHES CLEAN… then I want nothing more to do with you.

All manner of everything seems to be in top shape inside of our dishwasher, because I had Hubs put on his white dishwasher doctor coat and rubber gloves and examine it all.  Whatever parts that whir and spin and spit water seem to be just fine, but the LG has decided not to employ any of them while she’s working.  Apparently she laughs in the face of LET’S USE THE HEATING ELEMENT AND WARM THE WATER, SHALL WE?  The lazy girl also decided that it was in her best interest to just quit the job early and not dry any of our plates and wineglasses at the end of the cycle.

So now she’s a stainless steel bit of home decor in my kitchen, and I’m scrubbing pots and pans like a pioneer woman on the prairie.

I’m sure y’all are just holding your breath, wondering, “Why don’t they just buy a new one and be done with all of this manual labor?”  The honest truth is, we considered that.  And then we considered BRACES and CHRISTMAS COMING and HONDA PAYMENT, which is why Hubs and I made the very grownup decision to do without.

Don’t tell me I couldn’t survive the Great Depression, if it struck now.  Look at me, learning to hoard a few dollars, all in the name of VERY MATURE AND WISE CHOICE.

My college self wouldn’t even know me right now, because I’m the girl who once decided that a fine pair of Nike sport sandals were actually more important than groceries, because LOOK!  A loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter will last all week, and they’re so cheap, they’re almost free, and DON’T I LOOK SASSY WITH THESE SANDALS ON MY FEET?

Clearly, I have come a long ways.

In other, non-dishwasher news, I tried to get some snapshots of Thing 2 today.  He was running wild all over our house this morning, laughing like a hyena at Comedy Night.  He was so dang cute, he was making ME laugh out loud, just by watching him.  So I hauled out my camera, and suddenly Thing 2 gave me the sober, blank stare.  There is something on the Y chromosome that simply hates having its picture taken.  I’m thinking that we should start donating $1 at the grocery check-out line, just so a fund can be taken up to study this horrible flaw of the boys.

IMG_9764 IMG_9770 IMG_9773 IMG_9774 IMG_9777 IMG_9780 IMG_9760 IMG_9779And that’s going to do it for tonight, people.

I’ve got a sink full of dishes, and goodness knows!  The LG isn’t going to be a doll and stand up and wash them for me.

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