Christmas Break Disclaimer

Did I mention that I’m on Christmas Break?

Yes… I imagine I did.  And with the onset of Christmas Break, things might slow down here at Jedi Mama, Inc., because you can never trust the CEO to be around when you think she should be.  I hear tale that she’s (*insert shocked gasp here*) thinking about keeping banker’s hours for the next week or so.  I overheard her mumbling about NO PE!  And then there was the little matter of STARBUCKS GIFT CARDS that many of her PE kiddos bestowed upon her for little Christmas gifts, which were better than gold, frankincense and myrrh.

(How they knew that I’m a junkie at The ‘Bucks is beyond me… unless… they noticed that white-paper-green-mermaid cup I carry around in the gym frequently.)

(And by quite frequently, I mean more PE days than not.)

So yes.  The honest truth is that I’m planning to make an honest attempt at blogging a little bit over Christmas Vacation, but I’m not going to make it a nightly priority.  We’ve got to cozy up on the sofa together and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and A Christmas Story yet.  Basically, I envision a Christmas-movie marathon about to happen around our house, accompanied by all manner of unhealthy snack food items.

Not to mention Starbucks, because GIFT CARDS!!

Also… as long as we’re talking about Christmas gifts from my little PE kiddos, I have to tell you that a little brother-sister duo gave me a box of three truffles.  Their mama is very sweet and very fancy, and I’m sure she knows which fork to use when she eats dinner at the White House.

(Not that I really know if she’s ever had a meal with the President before, but she would at least know what fork to use, unlike Vivian Ward and myself.)

This family is very precious, and I STINKING ADORE her two children.

Well… they gave me these truffles, and they are THE VERY FANCIEST chocolates that I have ever… in my entire life… had.  One is a penguin… one is Santa Claus… and the final one is a snowman.  They’re chocolate with SOMETHING inside of them, but listen:  they’re so gorgeous, I don’t even want to bite one.  How can I live with myself if I bite that beautiful penguin’s face off?  I showed the boy my three fancy truffles, and he said, “Wow!  Those are amazing!”  I showed Hubs my truffles, and he said, “I would have no problem eating them.  No problem at all.  In fact, I can kill the penguin, Santa and the snowman for you, if you like, and you don’t even have to watch.”

Which is why I married him.  Never underestimate the power of a man who can kill fancy truffles with no guilt.

Anyway, before I go tonight, I have to leave you with this:

b6624e86aa47956e5cc9d69201193078It was on Pinterest, people.  I didn’t draw it.  You can be sure of this, because if I HAD drawn it, you wouldn’t have any idea what that last wise man was bringing.

Come to think of it, you wouldn’t even know the stick figures were wise men.

Which is why I stick to what I know… drinking Starbucks.

Y’all have a merry, merry weekend.

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