Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

So I have a couple of things.

1.  I took the boys into Walmart today.  It was exactly as you’d imagine being in the seventh circle of hell to be.  Today was the day that the boy debuted his I AM JUST LIKE MY DADDY attitude, right smack in the middle of all the holiday crowds and chaos, and kept a running time on his cell phone of HOW LONG WE HAD BEEN INSIDE THE SUPER CENTER.  He kept announcing it.  “We have been in here for thirty-four minutes now!  Why is it taking so long?!  I’m gonna die in here!  I’m being slowly killed off by boredom!”  We looked at scarves for little girls, and the boy rolled his eyes so far back into his head, I worried that he’d be forever blind.

Plus… If blindness was in his forecast, he was going to look very weird with just the whites of his eyeballs showing.

While riding in the shopping cart, Thing 2 said hello to everyone.  EVERY! ONE!  He was so friendly.  And then, when complete strangers would smile at his extroverted, overly-friendly personality and talk to him…

… he would growl at them and clack his teeth together, as if to say, “I’m a great white shark, and you’d better watch your step around me.  You’ll lose an arm.  My friendly HELLO was my way of calling you in closer to the cart.  You’ve been baited!”

Walmart is forever dead to me.  I came out with a headache I didn’t pay for.

2.  We are THISCLOSE to being done with our Christmas shopping, because we get a secret thrill out of procrastinating until the very last second.  We just have to pick up the boy’s gift tomorrow morning…

… and then we can sit back with the rum cake.

Or even just the rum.

3.  Tomorrow morning is Christmas Eve.  It marks two entire years since we received an early-morning phone call that forever changed our lives.  The boy, you see, had been praying for a sibling… and he told us every day for weeks that Jesus had told him he’d be getting one.  The boy was rather certain that the announcement for his new baby brother or sister was going to come on Christmas morning.  The thing is… Hubs and I didn’t have any buns lined up to go into any ovens.  There wasn’t going to be a Christmas baby.


… two years ago tomorrow…

… our phone rang.  And Jesus worked a miracle, and there was a baby.  His name is Thing 2, and he has completed our family.  I cannot imagine that any mother exists who loves her two sons more than I do… or a dad who loves his boys more than Hubs does.  The boy and Thing 2 are the most precious gifts we’ve ever been given.  Sometimes I’m still in awe of how two regular people like me and Hubs were blessed like we were.

If you’re new here… or haven’t heard the miracle of our adoption story… you can click RIGHT HERE and learn that God is still in the business of doing great works.

4.  We hope y’all have a fantastically merry and blessed Christmas.  May your hearts be full of family and love, and may you remember the gift that was named Jesus.

Round2Christmas Card 2013

1 thought on “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jedi Family!

    We got your card (too cute) and your yearly letter. It’s always a fun read.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been on the stick and may or may not be sending out any cards (physical or digital). It always comes upon me so quickly.

    Hope your beautiful family are doing well and best wishes for the new year!

    The Motonagas

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