My PE Lesson Plans For This Week

Do any of y’all teach at a school?

Because… if you do… you will totally be able to relate to this:

1507826_10152124355433708_701990543_nAs I was making up my lesson plans for PE this week… that’s all I wrote in my book, because it’s what I did all of last week.  The Christmas season causes some bounciness in children, and the gym!  The gym offers so much WIDE OPEN SPACE!  Just look at all this SPACE to RUN IN!  And JUMP IN!  And WHY DO WE NEED TO SIT AND HEAR HOW TO PLAY A NEW GAME?  WHY CAN’T WE JUST RUN AND RUN AND FLAP OUR ARMS LIKE DRUNKEN PTERODACTYLS, AND SCREAM OUT OUR ENTHUSIASM FOR ALL THE CANDY CANES AND SANTA LIKE A HERD OF BANSHEES ON A MOUNTAIN DEW HIGH???

And that’s all that I have for tonight, because December is actually exhausting.

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