Hockey Moshing

My friend, Missi, is a die-hard Colorado Avalanche fan.  Sometimes she doesn’t understand how I can just… you know… GO TO BED in the middle of the third period, when the score is tied.  Hubs doesn’t understand that, either, but he married me for better or for worse… for stays awake to see the final score or doesn’t.

Apparently when the score is tied with just a few minutes left, you’re supposed to sit on the sofa and wear your THINGS ARE GETTING VERY SERIOUS AND MIGHT GO DOWNHILL FROM HERE facial expressions.  I’d rather wear my THE TODDLER WILL BE UP AT 5 AM, NO MATTER WHAT TIME I CHOOSE TO GO TO BED look.

Because of Missi’s dedication to the Avalanche (which is almost on equal footing with Hubs’ Avalanche alliance), she often posts hockey-related things on her Facebook page.  On Friday, she posted a song that HAS A BEAT, people.  It’s a fight song to get the crowds standing on their feet, stomping like herds of elephants killing ants in a firestorm, when the score is tied.

In the third period.

In the interest of HUBS MIGHT LIKE THIS, I clicked on Missi’s link, while Thing 2 was sitting beside me.

Never mind HUBS MIGHT LIKE THIS, because Thing 2 went berserk, people!!

As in, he went ape-dropping bananas over that song!  He danced and danced to it.  He demanded that I play it one thousand and fourteen times on Friday.  He hopped and flopped and head-banged until he was dizzy and exhausted, and then he asked me to play it one more time.

And after ONE MORE TIME, he wanted me to play it sixteen more times, because SECOND WIND, y’all.

Our toddler burned more calories dancing to that song over the weekend than the Avalanche players burn during an entire season of skating, pulling off slapshots and running stair laps in the bleachers when Patrick Roy doesn’t like how they played.

Just to prove it to you, I captured a bit of our weekend on video.  It may make you exhausted just watching it.

Also?  You should note that YES!  Thing 2 really does accidentally hit himself in the head with his own arm and knocks himself down early in his dance routine.  And when he turns to the THIS-IS-NOT-REALLY-CHOREOGRAPHED head banging routine, he really does smack his own head on the desk.

I don’t think that part was rehearsed.  I think it just happened in the midst of I’M ON FIRE WITH THIS DANCE!

And yes… Thing 2 appears to be a little partial to Peter Forsberg, because when he is introduced during the song (It’s an old little ditty, obviously.), Thing 2 shouts out, “YEAH!”

Hubs couldn’t have been happier, because he and Peter have always been close friends.

And THAT, people, is EXACTLY WHY I go to bed, regardless of what the score is.  Because Mama knows that she’s going to be in charge of that little dancer who has ALL!  THE!  ENERGY!, beginning at 5:00, every single morning of the week.

Bless my heart.

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